Granite Slab

Granite is an igneous rock predominately made of quartz, mica, and feldspars. It can be found all over the world with South America and India being two of the more predominate suppliers of stone for the building industry. It is quarried into huge blocks, sliced into slabs or tiles and polished to the specified finish desired. Granite varies from fairly uniform grainy pattern to dramatic swirls and comes in a huge range of colors. Each piece of stone is unique making each installation in your home equally as special.


Granite comes in four different textures. Not every stone is available in all the finishes. Texture choices are more limited in tile form.

Polished: Polished granite is the most common finish. It is shiny and has the smallest pores therefore is the most impervious to staining. Almost all color choices are available in the polished finish.

Honed: Honed granite is smooth with a matte finish. It shows less dust than polished but is more susceptible to staining and watermarks, requiring more maintenance. Be especially cautious with oils as they can be absorbed into honed stones.

Antiqued/Brushed: More and more stones are coming in the antiqued finish as this style is gaining in popularity. This look can fit into a broad range of styles. It has a satin finish with a slight texture. The surface of the stone has been treated with a silicon carbide brush which removes the softer material and burnishes the stone creating an unusual and durable finish.

Flamed: The flamed finish is achieved by torching the surface of the granite creating a rough texture. This finish is generally used on floors in commercial projects.


Maintaining a proper seal on your stone and cleaning with the proper products will elongate the life of your granite. Test all cleaners and sealers in an inconspicuous area before full application. Miracle Sealants Company offers a wide variety of supplies that you can purchase through our showroom.

Stonetech Revitalizer: This can be used on any style of granite. The combination of pH neutral cleaner and sealer is ready to use out of the spray bottle. Not for every day use.

Stonetech KlenzAll: This is a great everyday cleaner. It is pH neutral and conveniently in a spray bottle.

Stonetech Enhancer Pro: This color enhancing, penetrating sealer is designed to leave the stone with the color it is when it is wet without changing the finish. This is intended for honed and brushed stones.

Stonetech Impregnator Pro: This penetrating sealer has an added polymer that is large enough to clog the larger pores in flamed stone. Also great for a non-color enhancing look in brushed and honed granites.

Stonetech Bulletproof: This water-based penetrating sealer is perfect for sealing your polished granite. It will not change the color of the stone.

Granite is available in both tile and slab form. Some stones are limited to either slab or tile and some come in both formats. Granite countertops are often a popular use for this exquisite stone.

Tile: Granite tiles come in 12×12” and some varieties are made in an 18×26” format. They are usually installed with a very tight joint which is then grouted. The tile form of granite looks best if the stone has consistent or minimal movement in the pattern. If being used on a counter top, the edge of the tile can be fabricated by your installer to have a bullnose or a flat polish, then an additional piece of tile is cut for the front and adhered as a dropper.

Slab: Granite slabs are a beautiful way to add value and personality to your home. They vary greatly in price depending on color, availability, material cost, quantity of slabs, country of origin, design and edge profile. A typical slab is seven to ten feet long. Depending on your layout there is a possibility of having seams. Slab seams are filled with a matching color epoxy making them more durable than grout seams. We make the stone’s movement continue through the seamed area to the best of our ability. Slab granite is a perfect solution to difficult design dilemmas as it can be totally customized. Curves, arches, ovals, squares and unusual angles can all be achieved through slab.

There are dozens of edge profiles to select from, although not all stones can accept all edge details. Mineral deposits, pock marks, fissures and pits are all naturally occurring in some stones. These can affect the material’s ability to accept a polish, occasionally creating dull spots. These are not defects of the stone, they are characteristics that remind you that you have a beautiful naturally formed rock, not a manufactured product…think of them as freckles. If these characteristics do not appeal to you please ask us about the quartz products that we offer.

With so many options of types of granite we are sure your personal tastes will be satisfied. We look forward to your investment lasting more than a lifetime.