Care & Maintenance

No matter which type of stone you choose for your home, keep it beautiful for years to come with our expert care and maintenance advice. Have a question? Feel free to contact our team anytime.

Engineered Quartz

Engineered quartz is a manmade product that’s made up of mostly quartz with resins and pigments added in. This combination creates nonporous and hardy pieces. Resistant to dents, scratches, and abrasive products, engineered quartz is a good option when you want something easy to clean. In most cases, soap and water or a mild detergent […]

Granite Slab

Granite is an igneous rock predominately made of quartz, mica, and feldspars. It can be found all over the world with South America and India being two of the more predominant suppliers of stone for the building industry. It is quarried into huge blocks, sliced into slabs or tiles, and polished to the specified finish […]

Porcelain Tile

Most cleaners and maintenance products will not harm the glazed porcelain tile surface. That said, it is also best not to use harsh chemicals frequently and if any acidic or alkaline products are used they do need to be rinsed and not left on the surface of the tile. Vinegar is acidic and bleach is […]


The words elegant and timeless are often used to describe marble. It is a metamorphic rock that began as limestone or dolomite and with heat and pressure over time has changed the composition to become marble. It comes in a wide variety of colors ranging from snow white to grey and black and including, yellows, […]


Care & Maintenance Clean slate regularly with warm water or warm water with a neutral ph balanced cleaner. If you use a cleaner follow directions on the cleaner. Be sure to rinse with clean water so a film does not build up on the surface. Raw slate has several options of sealers: Matte: natural look […]


Travertine cleaning and maintenance is simple. You’ll need a neutral cleaner (pH 7) and clean water. If using a soap cleaner, it’s recommended to use a rinse-free one so you’re not left with streaks. This will also create a protective film over the stone and help deepen the patina. Limestone is a sedimentary rock that […]